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Following the original range of 18.5mm Cup Diameter rims came the 17.5mm Cup Diameter models. For Philip Farkas, the ideal rim was one that was 'neither too large nor too small'. An ideal description for the 'A' rims which have long been popular with many players since their introduction in the early eighties.


The 'AS' (A range standard) has a 'balanced' i.e. mid profile position high point and a moderately flat face leading gently to a moderate bite point diameter. The design gives great comfort and so increased endurance but not to the detriment of precision of response. This design epitomises the origins of PHC.



The AS18 was conceived prior to current design and production methods and as such is 'based on' the 'AS' rather than being a totally faithfully reproduction in an 18mm cup diameter! Whatever the development history this rim has proven very popular with many players.



Available in 7 finishes.


AS18 rim

  •  Measured at 1.25mm (0.050") depth

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