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SP Brass - Silver Plated. 10-15 microns pure (99.999%) Silver Plated Lead free Brass. Our nearest comparison to the vast majority of other makers mouthpieces.

SP Z - As Brass SP but with the unique 'Z' heat treatment. Smoother response and better control available over the whole range of pitch and dynamic when compare to standard brass.

Raw Brass - Simple. Lead free brass of the quality suitable for carrying your drinking water in this modern Eco age. This is actually the substrate for all modern brass PHC mouthpieces. Raw Brass is offered as standard for most rims and as an option for cups. Please message any enquiries.

NS - The original material used to make PHC since 1971. It was then a popular choice as players could modify (more common then) far more readily without the need for re-plating. Many players find a certain but undefined quality of these mouthpieces over the brass models which they come back to and favour. The general view is of better focus and projection. They are re-introduced here carrying the engraving 'Heritage'. 

GP Z - As SP Z but with a 2 micron layer of Gold applied after the Silver plate. Aside from the beauty of Gold is the practicality of the resistance of Gold to oxidisation - so keeping that gleaming finish. Horn playing bling!

SS - EN 1.4301 grade 304 Stainless Steel 18/8 offered in the heavy cup shape. The relative hardness of this material lends a well projected sound with an exciting help towards a brighter sound favoured by many in this current day and age. Currently offered in Heavy Cup format only. Please enquire about standard shape.

Bronze Z - The latest choice now offered by PHC. In our standard shape, the unique combination of density, hardness, and evenness (thanks to the 'Z' processing) offer what many are finding is that extra step in all directions towards that 'magic' mouthpiece! Superior evenness over a very wide dynamic range and a wonderful feel of projection of sound present on the hand in the bell and off the back wall of the hall. Works particularly well with a Stainless Steel rim! This material favours production of a warmer sound.


Extending the Bronze option will be a new shape also which will pay close attention to the inner cup shape. It will not be an even wall as others manufacture, but rather a shape, unique to each cup shape which will have controlled thicknesses at key points. These will be extensively engraved and offered in Gold Plate only - our true flagship model.

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